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Visualizing on screen is great. But having your screen positioned in the wrong angle can be unpractical for you and the patient. 3Shape TRIOS MOVE+ is an intraoral scanning setup that ensures placement is always spot on.


Show scans easily, boost involvement

One of the challenges of working with intraoral scans is in organizing the physical space: how to position your screen in the right place to not only prepare and scan but also share your work? To help you solve this, 3Shape developed TRIOS MOVE+. It allows you to move your screen with digital scans, images, and simulated expected treatment outcomes to where the patient sits. This helps them picture their final results and ultimately, advance case acceptance. On top of that, it is more ergonomical for dentists. 



3Shape's flexible TRIOS setup solution comes in two sizes: 15.6" (MOVE+) and 13.3" (MOVE).
Both come with a stylus touch pen and a powerful 1TB PC, specially designed for scanning.
They can be purchased in combination with TRIOS 3 Basic, TRIOS 3 and TRIOS 4. 


Start Moving

Let the equipment do the manoeuvring, so you can focus on the patient. 

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