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Dental Sleep Medicine Mini Residency



Embark on a transformative journey in Dental Sleep Medicine!


Our mini-residency is your gateway to mastering this pivotal aspect of dentistry. Led by accomplished and highly skilled Dental and Medical instructors, you'll acquire the foundational knowledge and a multidisciplinary approach to tackle Sleep Apnea head-on!

Discover the essential role Dentists play in the healthcare community, and gain insights into ethical clinical protocols, business sleep models, and referral management. In a world marked by the growing interest in sleep health, we'll help you navigate the complexities and make informed choices amid the noise of social media.

Join us for an exclusive experience tailored for the Malaysian market, featuring a dynamic lineup of international and local instructors eager to guide you toward a "first time, right time" understanding.

Your journey to success in Dental Sleep Medicine begins here!

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Dental Sleep Medicine is a pivotal component of dentistry that demands our attention. The goal of this mini-residency is to offer a unique instructional experience, led by accomplished and highly skilled Dental and Medical instructors, aiming to equip participants with the foundational knowledge needed to engage with Dental Sleep Medicine. Recognising the complex nature of Sleep Medicine, this programme adopts a multidisciplinary approach, drawing insights not only from Sleep Trained Dentists but also from Sleep Physicians, Otorhinolaryngologists, Respirologists, and other relevant disciplines to provide foundational training in Dental Sleep Medicine.

This mini-residency focuses on the vital role dentists must play in addressing Sleep Apnea within the health community.

It aims to clarify Dentists' effectiveness and the ethical clinical protocols, guiding participants in establishing a business sleep model and managing referrals. The course explores these critical topics to provide valuable insights and solutions to participants.


Our focus is to establish a robust foundation for your path to success, placing the patient's well-being and positive treatment outcomes at the forefront. With the support of our brand partners, SomnoMed, and the guidance of our dedicated instructors, we offer Malaysian Dentists a course fueled by the aspiration to enhance the quality and longevity of their patients' lives, embodying the genuine potential of Dental Sleep Medicine.

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