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About Us

Our dedicated team of technicians and ceramists use fundamental techniques, digital processes and state of the art equipments to ensure each product is created with an unparalleled degree of precision. We strive to ensure that the quality of our products exceed the expectations of our clients. With more than 20 years in-house experience, all our products undergo a stringent quality control process, maintaining our company's standards.


Cutting edge materials and methodologies not only provide unprecedented aesthetics, but also offer superb strength characteristics. Our innovative 4 and 5-axis CAD/CAM systems provide benefits that include faster turnaround times, enhanced biomechanics and intricate aesthetics with every case.

Here at Ortho Tech, we appreciate the significance our products and services contribute to the success of your practice. This drives us to constantly seek new ways to improve and always be at the forefront of dental technology.

about ortho tech
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