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Digital CAD/CAM



As an innovative company, Ortho Tech continues to invest in the latest technologies, equipments and materials in order to provide products that are more functional and aesthetically appealing.

Our in-house milling centre enables us to produce and efficiently deliver a full array of traditional and digital 5-axis CAD/CAM restorations with precision fit.

Our drive and focus propels us to continue to explore the vast potential digital dentistry has to offer. This has allowed us to evolve into one of the most advanced dental laboratories in Malaysia.

Efficiency is Key

We understand the importance of an efficient workflow, both in the clinic and in the lab. This is why we turn to a variety of trusted softwares such as Go2Dental  from Go2Cam; which are intuitive and comprehensive.

With smarter machining strategies, high quality toolpaths and shorter cutting times, we are able to deliver superior products at a fraction of the time.



From study models to surgical guides, we are capable of achieving unmatchable precision and accuracy, thanks to the power of 3D Printing. 

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