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Send A Case

At Ortho Tech, we streamline your case submission by providing multiple ways to send your case via traditional or digital case submission. Whether you are in our local pickup & delivery area, require to courier your case to us, or need a walkthrough for sending a digital file, we've got you covered. Select your preferred method below to get started.




Completely fill out the Lab Sheet and kindly check all required boxes to ensure your specifications are met. 

If you are sending a prescheduled rush case,  ensure it is clearly stated "RUSH" on the Lab Sheet.


Always pour alginate impressions in stone before shipping to the lab to avoid distortion and inaccuracies.

Place protective layer on the bottom of box.

Separate and securely wrap models individually in bubble wrap.

Secure impressions and bites in a plastic bag for hygiene control.

Secure crowns or other small items especially implant parts in a small bag or container.

Tightly pack items in a box and ensure items won’t shift to avoid damage.

Place protective layer on top of items.

Add the completed Lab Sheet.

Tape box securely shut.

**If you wish to include photos, CD's, thumb drives or other materials, kindly ensure they are enclosed in a separate plastic bag to secure contents safely.


Combine multiple cases in one box under one shipping label to save money on shippingSeparate the cases in plastic bags, and staple Lab Sheet to the outside of each bag for accurate identification.

When preparing your case for shipment, we recommend you follow the guidelines below:

Traditional Case Submission

Digital Case Submission

Sending a case to Ortho Tech has never been easier with digital scanning technology. We accept stereolithograpy (STL) files from all leading intraoral scanners. Once you have captured the scan, as long as you can export the data (STL files), you can transfer them directly to Ortho Tech. Simply pick the relevant option below and follow the instructions to add Ortho Tech as the destination on your preferred device.


3Shape TRIOS®

In a web browser, go to the website
Connect with Ortho Tech by searching
After connecting to us as a Lab, select Ortho Tech 
when sending files.

Sending a digital impression

The STL files and information can be sent to us via email at or we recommend the free file sharing service It is a free online service that is secure and easy to use. Kindly follow instructions below on how to send us your large digital scan files.

Go to

Choose the “Take Me to Free” option.

Choose “I Agree” to the Terms of Service

Click “+ Add your files” (send up to 2G at a time) and select the files from your computer that you want to transfer. We recommend to also include the Lab Sheet. 

In the “Email to” field, enter

Enter your email address in the “Your email” field.

Enter an optional message.

Click the “Transfer” button.

That's it, your files have been sent!

You’ll receive confirmation within 1 business day and will be notified when we have successfully downloaded your files.

*Download links expire after 1 week

Digial Case Submission
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