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Patient Benefits

Everything you need from a clear aligner system and more

OrthoAlign is a doctor-driven and patient-focused aligner solution created to treat a variety of mild to moderate orthodontic cases. Correcting alignment issues has never been easier!



Our materials and methods of manufacturing allow us to create highly transparent and comfortable aligners that offer a discreet  treatment solution. Custom fabricated for each patient, the aligners’ smooth surface is trimmed and polished to provide better comfort for the perfect fit to match your teeth and gums.



One of the benefits of clear aligners is that they are removable and don’t interfere with your lifestyle. Whether you attend a BBQ or have a presentation, you can easily remove them. Unlike metal braces that remain attached to your teeth, you can enjoy all your favourite food without restrictions and easily maintain oral hygiene.



You deserve to achieve your dream smile under the guidance of a reliable team of experts. That's why we partner with orthodontic specialists from Italy to create the most ideal treatment plan. Producing our aligners locally enables us to offer affordable, cost effective solutions, without compromising on quality. 


Patient How it Works

Start your smile journey effortlessly

Achieve your dream smile with our seamless workflow





impression tray icon.png

After selecting an OrthoAlign provider, your dentist will assess whether you are a good candidate for OrthoAlign based on our recommended treatable cases. After consultation, impressions and data are gathered and sent to our partner dental laboratory.

Consultation & Impression Taking

treatment plan icon.png

Once our in-house dental laboratory receives all the required components from your OrthoAlign provider such as, pictures, x-rays and impressions or digital scans, the data is reviewed by our expert team of Orthodontists in Italy to begin developing your customised treatment plan.


aligner icon.png

After the treatment plan has been created, you and your dentist will review the potential outcome. At this point, your dentist will discuss with you whether you will need attachments to aid tooth movement. Upon approval, our dental lab begins production of your custom aligners.

Clear Aligner Fabrication

delivery icon.png

It's time to collect your aligners. You'll wear your aligners for at least 20-22 hours daily and change to a new set every 2 weeks until your treatment is complete. Your dentist will monitor your progress to ensure your teeth are tracking accordingly so you can get your dream smile.

Begin Your
Smile Journey


Explore the cases treatable with OrthoAlign

Clear aligners can adjust your teeth without the need for metal braces. OrthoAlign can treat a variety of teeth straightening cases from teeth misalignment to malocclusion and inexact bites. Factors such as available space, retention and anchorage all play a critical role in attaining final results. Our materials and technology, along with tailored treatment plans from our expert Italian orthodontists and personalised guidance from our OrthoAlign providers, ensures you have access to treatment that’s effective and efficient. If you’d like to straighten your teeth without using braces, review the types of treatable cases below to see if you’d be a good candidate!

overbite_orthoalign treatable cases.png

An overbite occurs when the upper and lower teeth are misaligned and don’t meet properly. In some cases the front teeth can protrude outwards.


underbite_orthoalign treatable cases.png

An underbite occurs when your lower jaw protrudes beyond your upper jaw, and lower teeth teeth extend past the front of the upper teeth.


crossbite_orthoalign treatable cases.png

A crossbite is a misalignment of the upper and lower jaws. One or more of your lower teeth overlap the front outer surface of your upper teeth.


open bite_orthoalign treatable cases.png

An open bite is most commonly seen when your back teeth are closed and touching, but your front teeth do not touch and often have a protruded appearance.

Open Bite

crowded_orthoalign treatable cases.png

Crowded teeth are a very common issue and occurs when you don’t have enough space for all your teeth to fit within the mouth. As a result,  teeth overlap and can even rotate.

Crowded Teeth

gap teeth_orthoalign treatable cases.png

If you have a gap between two or more teeth, you have a spacing issue. This causes risk of food getting trapped between teeth and gums, causing pain and gum disease.

Gap Teeth

crooked teeth_orthoalign treatable cases.png

Crooked teeth occur when your front teeth are mis-angled. This type of misalignment is often accompanied by some level of crowded teeth in the mouth.

Crooked Teeth


You deserve to the best smile possible, but at what cost? Fear not, as there are several options available to find the best payment plan for your journey to the smile of your dreams. With OrthoAlign, you can achieve that dream smile at a price point that won't break the bank, with the added bonus of having your treatment plans designed by our team of highly-trained orthodontists in Italy.

The final cost of an OrthoAlign treatment is ultimately determined by your OrthoAlign provider and varies by case based on a range of factors, like treatment length and case complexity. If you’re a prospective candidate, ask your preferred OrthoAlign provider about price estimates and available payment options. Some doctors offer monthly payment plans while others may offer flexible solutions to meet your specific needs.


Don't wait to start achieving the smile of your dreams! While our blog can answer many of your questions, your smile is unique and each case is different. Find an OrthoAlign Provider in your area to discuss treatment possibilities and receive professional advice and support tailored to you.


Use the map below to locate an OrthoAlign Preferred Provider near you or browse through our list and book an appointment to see if OrthoAlign clear aligners are right for you.

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