It's all about the accessories!


When it comes to comfortable OrthoAlign treatment, it's all about the accessories! 

The journey to your perfect smile may not always be a walk in the park. The adjustments your mouth endures during clear aligner treatment will irritate your teeth and gums, so enjoy the perks of these products to ease your smile journey.

Our OrthoAlign HomeCare Kit is perfect for you. We've curated six essential items and put them all in one convenient travel bag, saving you time and money. 

You'll get a bag of Movemints™ to keep your trays tight and your breath fresh and one OrthoKey for hands-free aligner removal. Because hygiene is important, we're including a pack of Interdental Brushes for deep cleaning, an ultrasonic cleaner, together with a box of SomTabs cleaning tablets to keep your aligner/retainer fresh and clean.  Finally, a retainer case completes our handy accessories kit.

Travel anywhere in style.

How to use your handy must-have tools


 Place OrthoKey's hook between your tooth and aligner (tongue or cheek side) on your last molar. Gently pull downward with mild force to dislodge the aligner. Once released, use the hook end to continue removing aligner towards your 2 front teeth. 

Ultrasonic Cleaner

 Fill the ultrasonic cleaner reservoir with warm water (never hot) and place your dental appliance inside. Drop one SomTabs cleaning tablet in and close the lid. Switch the Ultrasonic Cleaner on and leave for 5-15 minutes to deep clean your appliance. Once finished, switch the unit off, drain the reservoir of all liquid, and rinse your dental appliance with clean warm water. 

Aligner Case_640x640.jpg
Aligner Case

 Ideal for travelling, this aligner case helps keep everything clean and hygienic. Prevent aligners from being exposed to dust, mildew and germs and safely store them away when they are not being used. Just push the ergonomically designed button to open. 

interdental brushes.jpg
Interdental Brushes

 An interdental brush is specially designed to clean between your teeth, where a regular toothbrush does not reach. Use your interdental brush as often as needed, preferably in the evening and in front of he mirror. Move the brush gently back and forth a few times in each interdental space. 


 Dissolve a SomTabs tablet in the Ultrasonic Cleaner with sufficient amount of water. Place aligner/retainer in the cleaning solution, ensuring all parts are completely submerged. Only use warm water never hot water, as it will warp your aligner/retainer.

hand holding chewies.jpg

 Chewies are reusable, soft plastic cylinders that help seat aligners. The proper fit of aligners ensure treatments proceed as planned and is essential for successful results. So we recommend practicing chewing exercises at least twice a day for about 5-10 minutes. If your aligners aren't tracking, it can delay results and even lead to treatment refinements. Additionally, chewies stimulate tooth movement and improve blood flow to teeth and gums, alleviating any pain and discomfort.

The all-in-one accessories set.
You'll wonder what you ever did without it!


Clean, seat and comfortably wear clear aligners with these must-have accessories for straightening teeth with style and ease.

In our Homecare Kit, we have paired Chewie aligner tray seaters with the OrthoKey retainer removal tool to help enjoy a safer, more comfortable treatment.

But it doesn't stop there! We have also added a stylish aligner case and all the tools needed to stay clean, including a set of interdental brushes, an ultrasonic cleaner and a box of SomTabs cleaning tablets.