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3D Printing Services
Turnaround Times
Case Planning



Predictable turnaround times

* Days calculated from when we receive the case in our laboratory (before 2pm) and require no adjustments

  • ZR Crown (1 unit)

       5 Days

  • ZR Build Up (1 unit)

       7 Days

  • ZR Crown/Bridge (2-6 units)

      7-10 Days

  • ZR Crown/Bridge (>7 units)

      10-14 Days

  • PFM Crown (1 unit)

       7 Days

  • PFM Crown/Bridge (7-10 units)

      12 Days

  • PFM Crown/Bridge (10-14 units)

      14 Days

  • Implant Crown (1 unit)

      5-7 Days

  • Implant Bridge (>2 units)

      10-14 Days

  • Retainers/Night Guards

       2 Days


surgical guide.png

Guided surgery helping every step of the way

From start to finish, we can offer solutions to guide you through the entire process. Using intuitive software, dentists are able to generate a preview of the prosthetic results to the patient, eliminating any guesswork during chairside. This then effectively provides us with the necessary information to complete the restoration as planned.

Dental device applications, such as surgical stents, also aid in virtual planning of surgical procedures, ensuring successful results time and time again.



Streamline your workflow, elevate your practice

With 3D printing capabilities, we are able to vastly simplify your workflow.  Whether you require surgical guides, orthodontic appliances, regular crown & bridge restorations or maybe even just a plain old dental model - we have all the solutions to help elevate your practice. Unmatched accuracy that will guarantee precision in every case.

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