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Our Story

At Bio3D, we source and distribute cutting-edge technologies,  materials and solutions which encompass future digital fabrication,  while ensuring that the backbone of our business is distinct service and support. We harmonise our values of innovation with our goal to be vanguard in the technological shifts of the 3D industry. This synergy is paramount in our ability to deliver solutions and services, in the form and interfaces our clients demand. 


Our Vision

It is our primary mission to be one of South East Asia's leading facilitators of advanced digital 3D technology and manufacturing. We aim to deliver effective systems that can be employed to effectively expand and

accelerate your business workflow.


Our goal is simple, furnish cost  effective solutions that meet or exceed the demand and  expectations of our clients. 

Our Services

Bio 3D is the authorised distributor for some of the leading 3D hardware and software vendors in the world. We provide a wide range of systems and products covering Data Acquisition Software, Hardware and Services. We focus on supporting the success of our clients' business through digitising  workflows and enhancing production diversity.


We offer professionals the opportunity to grow and maximize their businesses. Whether your company is already digitised or you are just taking your first advancements into the digital production workflow, we have the capabilities to offer a wide range of solutions and services to bring your business tones dimensions.

Our Support

With Bio 3D, you can rest assured that your business can grow with ease. Our specialists share expertise in both hardware and software applications. So if you need advice on the latest advancements, want to know how to get started or would just like to get a no obligation quote; our dedicated team of specialists are just a call or click away to help you get your business goals on track.  Support should not be limited to only providing clients with the basics of the system that encompass their current business model.


We value education and exposure as a cornerstone of successful business  development. In keeping with such  values, we strive to create platforms  for customers to have access to a  wealth of knowledge that extends beyond their existing business.


The path to innovative success should be about simplicity. However advanced, we believe that using our solutions and technologies should be an easy and enjoyable experience.

3Shape D2000 Desktop Scanner

Have A Gap In Your Digital Workflow?
Let Us Build You A Bridge.

At Bio 3D, we source and distribute cutting-edge technologies and materials which encompass the future of digital fabrication. We offer a variety of solutions that range from dental supplies to materials, from digital acquisition softwares to 3D Printing equipment.

Explore any of our multiple solutions below and bridge that gap in your digital workflow.

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