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GO2dental, CAM Software for Dental Labs

GO2dental allows you to manufacture any kind of dental restoration and is accessible to every dental professional and organisation. GO2dental  is an open system: any CAD files for any machine tool.


The GO2dental CAM Software is based on a proven technology developed for the mechanical industry for over 20 years. Materials like ceramics are machined with high surface quality within optimal time, all while prolonging the life of your tool. With this software, you are guaranteed high-quality toolpaths, hard material machining and short cutting times.

Fully automatised process taken to the next level
EASY AS 1, 2, 3...

Import multiple files. Simply select the STL file and your material


Automatic nesting - through the software, elements are placed, sprues are attached and toolpaths are calculated


NC File is then ready to run on the machine that provides high-quality production


When the user opens a file, GO2dental detects the morphology of the dental element. It is analysed and necessary geometry is created automatically.

  • For Crowns & Bridges: margin lines, insertion axis, chambers and pontics are detected

  • For Implant Bridges: insertion axis, recognition of holes (axis, diameters and depth).

  • For Removable Dentures: clapses and grids.

Data open


Direct opening of STL files or opening dental native CAD files.
GO2dental retrieve various information, such as the margin line, recognition of holes, insertion axis, connection feature

Machining of plaster models


- Precursor of dental CAM software for   machining plaster models.
- 3 types of elements: model,                     antagonist, and stump/die
- Margin line recognition, hole                   recognition, flat surface recognition

Specific processes

(orthodontics, partial dentures etc)


GO2dental manages specific machining processes, such as partial removable denture, nightbite, overpress and more.
For removable dentures: automatic recognition and creation of geometry for clasps and grids.
These elements have many undercut areas, that require machining

5-axis toolpath.

Multiple and automatic management of dental elements


Now, you can import multiples dental files simultaneously.
Select the folder in your library that you want to be machined.
After choosing element type as “crown”, “coping” or “inlay”, GO2dental will automatically place your dental element in the blank, and create the connectors automatically as well.


- Saves times because multi-threading technology is used

- Optimised positioning in the blank

- Powerful 5-axis toolpath

Implantology (abutments, implant bars etc)

- Automatic import files with                    geometry recovery
- Recognition of holes

- Ability to change the type of                   connection via a database library,  

  which can be created easily
- Appropriate strategies for machining   Titanium and Cobalt Chrome
- Powerful 5-axis toolpath


GO2dental allows you to manage all elements of implantology.


The user chooses the blank from a library of different suppliers

A library of standard stock materials are included, but any custom size can be easily added. 


Partially used blanks can be saved and used in the future. Different scale factors are used according to the blank provider.


For 4 and 5 axis machines, the optimal height of the dental element is calculated and the element is positioned automatically.​

  • Thinner Blocks Shorter > cutting times

  • Shorter tool lengths > less vibration, more flexibility in production


Machining ToolPaths

This part is the heart of GO2cam's know-how and experience. With over 25 years of experience in CAM software development to mechanical industry (such as automotive, aerospace etc.), GO2cam International has adapted its expertise in the dental market with GO2dental. GO2dental includes machining strategies, developed specifically for each type of dental part.

Specific Toolpaths for:

  • Blank management for minimal air cutting and shorter machining time

  • Maximum rigidity of the element during machining

  • High surface quality and precision

  • Hard material machining

Automatic Operation Lists:

  • Customised Operation lists for each material

  • Automatic tool selection

  • Cutting conditions (feedrate/spindle speed) included

  • Authorized users can easily create and modify operation lists, cutting conditions, tools, strategy and more

  • Update of end user operation lists are seamless

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