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8 Key Factors To Consider When Selecting A Dental Lab For Your Practice

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Dental Lab Technician Prepping Presintered Zirconia Crown

How satisfied are you with your dental lab? If you feel your current dental lab does not reflect the quality, service, support and values you are aiming for, then this article is for you!

Finding the best dental laboratory for your practice is one of the most crucial decisions you will make as a dentist and could mean the difference between success and failure. The dental lab you choose to partner with greatly impacts the quality of cases you are able to offer your patients. So, deciding on a dental lab deserves your time and energy as a significant amount of the average dental practice's revenue comes from lab-crafted products.

But with so many important factors to consider before committing to a dental lab, the choice is not a simple one. So where do you start and what should a dentist look for to determine the right lab for their practice? In this post, we outline 8 key factors to consider when selecting the perfect dental lab.


The values and ethics of a dental lab are incredibly important. Before even diving into their products and technology, you must ensure that the dental lab has values that align with your practice. Dental labs who work with integrity offer top quality services and will help you meet your patients' needs.


One vital aspect of selecting a dental lab is their commitment to producing high-quality products. Ensure that your partnered dental lab performs constant quality control checks and that you know which processes are done. You can also inquire with current and prior clients about their experiences to make sure the lab provides consistent quality.


The quality of a product depends on the materials used in its fabrication process. An excellent dental laboratory pays close attention to every detail when selecting materials to use. From the zirconia discs and metal alloys to the thermoform plastics and porcelain powders selection being used, attention to such detail is what makes the outcome exceptional.


Technology plays a major role in the production of excellent dental lab work and is constantly evolving. With digital scanning, efficient milling units, and 3D digital printing, a reliable dental lab must keep advancing and investing in the latest technology in order to meet the needs of their clients.


Though you clock in a lot of chair time, you still carve out time in a busy work day to answer a patient's questions, offer advice, easy their worry, and alleviate their stress. You need to partner with a dental lab who applies the same approach to customer service and support for their dentists. Reliability and transparency are a must, especially when cases may need extra care and attention. Your dental lab should quickly and efficiently respond to questions and concerns and put their primary focus on how to help your dental practice.


Every dental lab owner should know that their business is dependent on their clients' satisfaction. Understanding their clients' expectations and communication style are the trademarks of a reliable dental lab. In any great relationship, this is vital, especially when you are investing in something that you want to last.


Dental labs do not create their reputations based on negative comments and bad reviews between dentists, but rather on results. When searching for a new dental lab, you should test drive their communication style and methods. Talk to one of their lab technicians, customer support representatives, or even the owner to see if you communicate well.


The dental industry is very dynamic and requires quick adaptations. Technologies and techniques often change quickly and in order to adequately respond to industry development, dental labs must focus on continuing education and constant evolution. The ideal dental lab for your practice will offer education opportunities that align with your needs and should offer technical tips, workshops and training, and valuable information to help you do your job well.


There are many labs that crank out products, and there are many whose products aren't reliable. Craftsmanship must be paramount when deciding on a lab. After all, the products and services you offer, reflects your patients' perception of your practice. The right lab will play a significant role in patient satisfaction, increased revenue and a profitable business. At Ortho Tech, we are committed to these ideals and factors highlighted in this post, and treat our clients with the same attention to excellence that our dentist provide for their patients.

If you are not happy with your current dental lab, then it's high time you look for alternatives. Dentists looking to grow their practice, improve patient care, and establish long-lasting and profitable relationships with a dental lab won't find a better partner than Ortho Tech.


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